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May Paper Jam Articles + Happy Birthday to the RWC!

Reading and Writing Center Graduation Bash

On Wednesday the 27th, the Reading and Writing Center celebrated its 18th (ok, 19th) birthday with a graduation-themed party.

Our Story

Our stories matter. Helping students become better writers has been the mission of the RC RWC for the past 18 years. Our goal continues to be to provide students the opportunity to get help with their texts from peer tutors who are not only excellent students but who have also completed required tutor training classes.

The RC RWC tutors continue to strive to help students learn how to become better writers by working with students on issues such as research, structure, flow, grammar, punctuation, citations, and spelling. They want to help students with both their current and future assignments, and they achieve this by talking with the students to make sure they understand why something does or doesn't work.

The RWC offers an environment that is comfortable, friendly, and conducive to learning. We knowsome students may be intimidated to ask instructors a question and that they are often more comfortable working with a peer.

The positive relationships formed here in the RWC semester by semester have become a critical part of our student's long-term success. In the past 18 years, we have trained over 170 peer tutors, most of whom have gone on to complete Bachelor's, Master's, and even Law Degrees. It has been a privilege to be part of the story of our students' lives, and their individual successes reflect how empowering a learning community can be for those who take part.

Upcoming Literary Arts Events

Fall 2022

  • Talia Lakshmi Kolluri (What We Fed to the Manticore) - September 8th

  • Manuel Munoz (What You See in the Dark, Zigzagger, The Faith Healer of Olive Avenue) - October 20th

  • San Francisco Shakespeare Festival - November

Spring 2023

  • Ethan Chatagnier (Singer Distance, Warnings From The Future) - February 8th

  • Sofia Segovia (Noche de huracán [Night of the Hurricane], El murmullo de las abejas [The Murmur of Bees]) - March 16th

  • Danusha Laméris (The Moons of August) - April

May's Articles

May's Paper Jam is available in print on campus; the digital edition is below and also here.

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