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Things To Do on Summer Break!

Go to the beach

Take the weekend and getaway to the coast. The three-plus-hour drive is worth it! The salty air and seawater are a refreshing break from the heat of summer. Just remember to wear sunscreen!

Take a hike

We live next to some of the nation's best national parks so during your summer break you should go find some trails, take in the view, and go for a hike. There are a plethora of hikes to go on. Some are beginner and family-friendly others are for experienced hikers. Whatever hiking experience you may or may not have you should get outside and take a hike through nature.

Read a good book

Now is the time to curl up and catch up on all the unread books piling up on your bookshelf. My personal favorites include the Harry Potter series, the Narnia series, and the Percy Jackson series. Whatever book you choose to read, I hope you enjoy the break from reading textbooks.

Have a yard sale

Get rid of some of that clutter and make some money doing it! With the warm weather, summer is the best time to have a yard sale. One man's trash is another man's treasure.

Go to the gym

Now that school is out, it is time to get back into working out. Going to the gym can be a fun and productive way to spend time. Exercise releases serotonin in the brain and can help get you out of a slump. Using a gym is an excellent way to get some movement back into your life and escape the heat in summer.

Go swimming

Taking a dip in refreshingly cool water is a classic summer activity. If you have a pool, then jump on in! If not, there are plenty of other options out there. Go to the lake, river, or a friend's house (who has a pool), or get on Google and search up your local community pool.

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