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The Reading and Writing Center
​Est. 2003

Our Mission Statement

The Reedley College Reading and Writing Center (RWC) is committed to a student-centered educational environment
in which students’ diverse experiences are valued, encouraged, and expressed.
The RWC's goal is to offer a quality learning experience that recognizes the needs of our diverse student population.
To meet this need, the RWC is committed to supporting both reading and writing processes, and to increasing the literacies necessary for reaching Reedley College’s academic goals, literacies required for four-year schools, and literacies important to the community at large.

Our Tutoring Services

The 3 Types of Tutoring

Small Group


Email Correspondance

📌Small groups are regularly scheduled appointments that meet twice a week on Zoom or face-to-face for 50-minutes each.
📌One-On-One appointments are a one-time meeting for 25 or 50 minutes on Zoom or face-to-face.

📌Email Correspondence is completed by emailing or messaging a tutor on Canvas.

Continue reading for more details on these types of tutoring.

Small Group Tutoring

Small groups meet twice a week on Zoom or face-to-face for 50 minutes each. They take place on either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday.
Groups consist of 1-3 students.
Small groups are extremely beneficial because it's a dedicated amount of time that a student can spend working on their assignments and discussing them with their tutors.
If you would like to enroll in Small Group tutoring, view Navigating Tutoring at the Reading and Writing Center.


One-On-One meetings take place on Zoom or face-to-face and can last for 25 or 50 minutes. One-On-One is a great alternative if joining a small group doesn't fit into the student's schedule.
There are available times Monday through Friday.
If you would like to schedule an appointment, view
Navigating Tutoring at the Reading and Writing Center.

Email Correspondance

Email Correspondence takes place when a student messages or emails a tutor. This usually happens when the tutor is assigned to help in the student's class.
Students may send questions and/or drafts to receive feedback from a tutor. Remember, tutors DO NOT proofread, but they can offer constructive feedback and make sure the student is on the right track.

If you are a Reedley College student,
enroll in the Reading and Writing Center Canvas page
to contact a tutor.

After enrolling, our page will be added to your Canvas dashboard.

Navigating Tutoring at
the Reading and Writing Center

A photo of the menu on the RWC Canvas page - the menu says Home, Announcements, About Us, and more

You can book an appointment or join a small group on our Canvas page.

To do so, just go to the page and click the link of your choice.

You can also browse tutors by selecting "Meet the RWC Staff."

For any questions, please contact our coordinator Dr. Borofka at

How to Prepare for Tutoring

Small Group

Each week, your tutor will discuss your current assignments. Come prepared with an assignment to work on and ask questions about.
If you feel like you don't have questions, you may use the time to catch up on reading and other work (which you may also discuss with your tutor).
If you cannot attend a meeting, let your tutor know.


When you schedule a One-On-One appointment, let your tutor know what you would like to focus on during the meeting.
You can email them a draft ahead of time so they can read through it before meeting with you.
If your tutor isn't assigned to your class, make sure to have materials ready; it's okay if you haven't started writing, but make sure to have the prompt/instructions ready to share.

Email Correspondance

If you email or message a tutor and they're not assigned to your class, make sure to attach the assignment prompt/instructions and include any questions you may have.
If the tutor is assigned to your class, then they should already be familiar with the assignment, just remind them what it is and ask specific questions.
You may also attach a draft for the tutor to read and leave feedback on.


Over the past eighteen years, the RWC has employed dozens of peer tutors who were recommended by instructors and have demonstrated their excellency in English literacy. Our tutors have passed English 1A, and while employed, completed two semesters of tutor training.

Their stories are unique and their futures are bright just like every student we serve. Our tutors and tutor-alumni belong to a variety of majors such as:
Biology, Psychology, English, History, and Business.
Some have transferred to universities including CSU Fresno, Fresno Pacific, and UC Merced.

What all our tutors have in common is their ability to help students improve their reading and writing skills. As well as their eagerness to see students succeed and accomplish their goals.

Image by Jeswin Thomas

Make sure to check out the other tutoring services available at Reedley Community College including:
the Learning Center and the Math Center.

Student Testimonies

"I was very nervous signing up for a tutor, thinking "Oh, gosh. I have no more time to stretch myself thin, but it's the best thing I've done so far. It has really helped me get a better grasp and understanding of my assignments."

— Angel T.

"Always connect to tutoring when offered and if not, seek out tutor services. It is the first I have ever utilized the services, and I am in awe of how much it has helped me."

— Michelle C.

"Small groups have given me information that I'm able to apply. I like that I can bounce off ideas with a tutor and receive feedback."

— Christina O.

"I think that tutoring services are very helpful. It offers a lot of support when it comes to writing assignments and feedback."

— Matthew G.

"It has been helpful, and the tutor has helped ease my English class worries."

— Giselle C.

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