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2022 RWC Tutor Graduates

We are so proud of our 2022 Reading and Writing Center tutor graduates! Combined, these seven individuals have 15 degrees and have worked at the RWC for a total of 45 semesters!!! These are some amazing and hard-working folks we are celebrating!!! Below is a list of our graduate's achievements and some fun, insightful information about their lives. If you get the chance to see them in person, make sure to congratulate them on their accomplishments!


Iman A.

Iman is receiving her B.A. in Liberal Studies from California State University Fresno. She wants to become an elementary school teacher once she earns her Multiple Subject Credential through Fresno State. She is inspired to teach young children and be a stepping stone in their education. Her goal as an aspiring teacher is to implement social justice education in the classroom and create an inclusive and diverse environment. In all of Iman's college years, her favorite class at Fresno State was WS110- Representations of Women, Gender, and Sexuality (she is a little biased because her older sister taught the class). This class blew her mind, and the lectures never failed to keep her intrigued; it was a very interactive class she would take again! She also loved Dance 160S- Creative Movement for Children with Professor Tiscareno.

Her favorite memory was observing a 2nd-grade classroom her first semester at Reedley College. She gained such a tight bond with the children, and it truly solidified her aspirations of becoming a teacher. Iman is a 5'1 small brown fangirl who loves music, movies, books, and everything in between. She is a cat mom to the royal Nala, collects vinyl records, and makes oddly specific playlists on Spotify. Don't be intimidated; she is just a small person with a lot of energy.


Stephanie D.

Stephanie is receiving her M.A in Education: Reading and Language Arts from California State University Fresno and is a proud member of the honors society Phi Kappa Phi. Her future career plans include becoming a college English instructor, a screenwriter, and one day possibly a shop owner. During her whole college experience, her favorite class was English 15: Screenwriting at Reedley College. Her favorite class at Fresno State is Modern British Literature. Both colleges had instructors who were excited and passionate!

Her favorite college memory was in Fall 2019 at State, she knew that it would be her last Halloween on campus as a student, so before starting her online program, she dressed up as a Hufflepuff and walked around all day in her robe carrying a wand. She also loves the memory of taking two of her State besties to see the Shakespeare troupe at Reedley in 2019. Stephanie is chill. She has lots of very spoiled pets, and oh, she is a different person at boyband concerts; she may be calm when you talk to her, but at concerts, the pterodactyl screeches are unleashed.


Laura H.

Laura is getting her B.A. in English with a secondary focus on teaching from Fresno Pacific University. She plans to continue working at the RWC and subbing over the next few semesters before enrolling in a master's program. She is looking at applying to Stanford, Berkley, and UCLA, to name a few. Her field of focus will be either American Literature or Shakespeare, with a secondary focus on rhetoric and composition theory. Eventually, Laura wants to work as a professor at a community college and may consider a doctorate in the future. Laura's achievements include graduating Summa Cum Laude, being a member of the Alpha Chi National Honors Society, having work published in FPU's The Green Light as well as the Talking River Review, and being selected as a presenter at the Alpha Chi Centennial Convention for Undergraduate/Graduate Academic Research.

Laura's favorite class was Shakespeare with Dr. Dan Larson (he is her hero) -one of the papers that she wrote for his class was the one that she got to present in Texas and at the FPU Student Research Night. Something fun about her is that she collects fountain pens and inks. Laura loves English, literature, and writing. She is truly the grammar queen.


Maddie D.

Maddie Is receiving her B.A. in Psychology from California State University Fresno. She obtained a 4.0 GPA and will receive a Summa Cum Laude cord at graduation. She plans on getting a master's to work as a counselor at the primary and secondary school levels. Her favorite class was Cognitive Neuroscience! The more she learned, the more she understood the different functions of the brain. Her favorite experience took place in Sociology class. One of the assignments was service learning which meant she needed to become a volunteer at the Poverello House and had the chance to meet great people. She learned a lot from this non-profit organization, given that it provides many resources to the homeless community. This experience showed her the importance of serving your community.

During her college experience, she felt incredibly grateful to God because of how far He had brought her. She is the first in her family to pursue higher education, and she feels honored to be there. Some of her hobbies are painting, crafting, and church activities. Another fun thing about Maddie is that she loves collecting miniature items!


Jacqueline A.

Jackie is receiving her Transfer Associates in Business Administration from Reedley College alongside an Honors Certificate, two Tiger Awards, and graduating as Valedictorian. She has several career plans. One of them being a Forensic Accountant and the other a Human Resource Manager. She would also like to earn her CPA, but more than anything, she would love to work in the business aspect of a Museum. Jackie's favorite class was Communication with Professor Buldo. Initially, she dreaded taking the class because she didn't enjoy presenting in front of other students, but to her surprise, she liked the class and was proud of herself for stepping out of her comfort zone. She was interested in the topics and put a lot of effort into them. She also learned to be more confident and, most importantly, how to think on the spot. With that said, she benefited greatly from this class.

Some fun facts about Jackie are Since she was eight, she has been playing the piano and has recently started learning/playing the organ. She also enjoys watching history documentaries and collecting antiques. Another exciting thing about her is that she will be traveling to Bangladesh this summer!!


Anali J.

Anali is receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies from California State University, Fresno, and is graduating with Summa Cum Laude honors. After graduation, she plans to work as a substitute teacher at Dinuba Unified School District and as a writing tutor while completing the Multiple Subject Teaching Credential program at CalState Teach. After earning her credential, she would like to teach at an elementary school. The best thing about receiving her degree is accomplishing something that she was repeatedly told she couldn't succeed at and something that, at one point in her life, felt impossible.

She is proud to help to break a generational cycle that women are only to be stay-at-home wives and moms, and knowing that she paved a path that her children can one day choose to follow. It makes her happy to know that her children will have her to help guide them through their college experience because, as a first-generation college student, this is something that she struggled with at the beginning. Something fun about Anali is that she worked as a cake decorator, and she has recently started decorating cakes again. She made a few cakes this month for family parties, and it reminded her of how much she loves baking and decorating cakes.


Yuritza N.

Yuritza is receiving her associate degrees in Associates of Science (AS): Physical Sciences/Mathematics/Biological Sciences and Associates of Arts (AA): Liberal Arts & Sciences: Natural Sciences from Reedley College. She will also be the STEM Pathway Student Commencement Speaker and receive a Tiger Award for outstanding physics student. She is not 100% sure what her future holds, but she is thinking about going into research or teaching. She plans to do undergraduate research at the university that she transfers to. Her favorite memories are definitely from her last semester at Reedley College.

She is glad that everyone is finally back on campus and that she has gotten to live the "college life" that she always heard about: making friends, and participating in clubs, and campus events. Her favorite classes were the physics series. She used to dislike physics, but her instructor made the labs so fun and engaging that it made her love physics to the point that she is considering furthering her studies in the subject. Something fun about Yuritza is that she has bright blue hair!!!!! Also, she loves to collect and wear fun, funky earrings.

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