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The Hare

RWC tutor Ulysses Ochoa shares a piece of short fiction.

The field was vast and endless. The grass shone with the vibrant green of spring and stark white peonies dotted the land. In this field, a hare was trotting through a path of pillowy dirt. Hare’s coat was a mix of cinnamon brown spotted with a black and white deer-like pattern. Hare had been traveling for roughly three days, finding it was quite a shock as Hare had never seen a path in the field before. Prior to this discovery, Hare enjoyed basking in the sun and aimlessly frolicking for as long as they could remember.

Just as Hare was beginning to yearn for more than the field they had known all their life, the whole world shifted. The dirt path changed to a vibrant mass of leaves and roots. The field was now a lush steamy jungle with exotic flowers and vines of all types strewn throughout like jewels on a royal gown. Hare’s coat changed into a dull grayish green that merged with the new setting. Hare was welcomed by chimps, toucans, and sloths. Hare enjoyed the excitement of this jungle and took their time to explore their new surroundings and chatter with the creatures. Once they had their fill of the sights and sounds they resumed their journey through the root strangled trail. Reality then morphed into a land of purple rock formations of all kinds reaching into the heavens. Hare had now become completely white and faced a steep incline with no other path for progress. Hare braved the steep climb, cutting their paws on jagged rocks and struggling to reach plateaus that provided much-needed rest. Despite reason beckoning them to quit, something inside Hare pushes them on. Suddenly Hare found themselves on a stunning black sand beach with a crystalline teal ocean lapping against the shore. There was no path in this area so all they could do was stroll. Hare’s fur was a patchwork of red and gold. Hare became afraid of stagnating since there was no sense of progression, but with time the Hare learned to enjoy themselves. A great fog violently rolled over Hare. All they could see was a crossroads of several different paths cutting through the white void. One path was made of brick, one of shining glass over a rushing river, one of cobblestone that had daffodils erupting through cracks, and one that was mossy. Hare was overwhelmed by the choice they had to make. And yet, they come so far and see so much throughout their adventure that they simply have no choice but to continue the journey. With resolve in their hearts, they made their choice and continued without fear to see more of what of what the journey had to offer them.

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