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Dec 2021 Coordinator's Corner + Articles

Looks like we made it!!!

As Fall 21 Semester comes to a close, we here at the Reedley RWC want to take a minute to say thank you to all of the students and instructors who have made this semester a success. By the end of the week, our tutors will have logged over 1,700 sessions with students, and from what our Fall 21 RWC Tutoring Services Survey is showing, students have been very pleased with the ease of scheduling time to meet with tutors on Zoom. We have been able to staff each of our English 1A courses with an embedded tutoring team, and this has allowed us to be extra helpful to students during their sessions. We will continue this same practice for the upcoming semester as well, and when Spring Semester begins, the RWC will be relocated to our newly refurbished space inside the campus Library.

As the COVID crisis ebbs, we are looking forward to scheduling more tutoring visits face-to-face, while we continue to utilize Zoom sessions. We have learned a LOT about flexibility since Spring 2020, and we look forward to celebrating our 18th year here on campus.

Stayed tuned for our RWC Open House: Graduating to a New Location! We hope you take the time over the break to enjoy our shortened issue, Paper Jammies (!) Our tutors have written some articles about things they want to share, and hope you take time to read and relax! Happy Holidays and here is to a relaxing Winter Break for us all!

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