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Hallmark Christmas Movies

Growing up in the nineties, I would always love when the holiday season came around. I was also so mesmerized by the neighborhood decorations, the lights, and the overall feel of the season. I would always be excited to watch the typical Christmas movies, with my favorite being the original Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Today, however, things are different. There are now a variety of streaming options available, with some specifically tailored to a viewer's interests, such as Shudder for horror fans or Hallmark Movies Now for fans of Hallmark movies.

For years now, the Hallmark channel has celebrated the season by producing Christmas movies that play from November 1st through Christmas, marketing it as Countdown to Christmas. Since its induction, the notion of Hallmark Christmas movies has become a pop culture phenomenon.

This year’s biggest movies include Sister Swap: A Hometown Holiday, A Kiss Before Christmas, and You, Me, & The Christmas Trees. Every year my sister enjoys watching these movies and this year I chose to watch You, Me, & The Christmas Trees with her. This movie follows an arborist that travels to a small town to help diagnose why the Christmas trees at a local farm are dying. This was a heart-warming, yet predictable family movie. I would still recommend it if you are into Christmas movies with a romance plot point.

I honestly still don’t quite understand the hype around watching these movies. However, no matter what your preference, I’m sure you are bound to find something interesting to watch on Hallmark.

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