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Hi folks!!

Welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED Reedley College Reading/Writing Center's "Paper Jam"!

My name is Deb Borofka (aka Dr. B) and I have had the pleasure of working here in the Reedley College Reading & Writing Center for the past ten years or so.

Our center began nearly eighteen years ago and was envisioned by one of our faculty, Eileen Apperson, as a place where students could visit to get help from trained peers for reading and writing work.

Over the years, the program has grown to not only include weekly individual and group appointments, but also a strong embedded tutor program for students in entry-level English classes. One of the things that quickly grew up as the center expanded was the creation of our monthly newsletter for students, staff, and faculty, "Paper Jam." The newsletter was strictly a print publication until 2018-19, when we launched our distance-ed resource page for Reedley Students. Once that site was established, some of our senior tutors thought it might be a good idea to upload our monthly PJs as well, allowing students and faculty to access them digitally.

The RWC Resource Site also became a place to archive back issues. COVID-19 has created many new challenges, but it has also given us each an opportunity to develop some new skills with web-based communication!

By the end of Spring of 2020, students and faculty alike were feeling the whiplash of moving EVERYTHING into cyberspace. Fortunately, our tutoring staff has been up to the myriad challenges. Tutor and alum, Laura Hand, investigated new media options for designing and creating PJ articles into more creative and visually interesting pieces, while another tutor and alum, Stephanie Duarte, explored making the leap from our local college Learning Management System to the Web and to the Blogosphere!

I am so excited for all of us to experience this new format. We plan on continuing our regular monthly PJ "Editions" during the course of the regular academic year.

Our most recent articles will appear first, and all articles are in the process of being cross-referenced by both author and content tags.

Go ahead, click around and explore what we have to offer...besides our monthly content articles, you will find links and resources to a wide variety of materials we know you will find useful as you seek to improve your OWN literacy skills!

Welcome to the new RWC Paper Jam! We hope you find it as exciting and helpful as we do!!

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