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RWC Group Tutoring Testimonials

The following statements were written by students who participated in small group tutoring in the RWC.

  • My experience with the online RC RWC tutoring services was really good. Everyone, and everything, was really helpful during these difficult times. I felt somewhat overwhelmed with the semester being online but the tutoring services were here to help and helped me successfully end this semester.

  • I had a great experience with the tutoring service. It was very helpful and a good way to keep myself on track along with the assistance of my tutor.

  • Because this was my first semester in college, having a tutoring service that adapted to online when COVID 19 hit was so helpful. I am beyond appreciative for how helpful and flexible the tutoring center and my tutor were when it came to understanding that, in these unprecedented times, everyone is going through it differently.

  • My experience using online RC RWC felt as if I was already part of the Reedley Community and felt very positive. Something that was helpful was to provide its own Canvas course to make it easier for students to find the Zoom meeting.

  • The RC RWC tutoring service has helped me improve my writing skills. My tutor provided one on one help if we needed it and really explained what we needed to work on. Nothing needs to improve, everything was great.

  • The experience was great, and I would do it again. I appreciated all the help I received from my tutor and she taught me a lot of new things that helped me become a better writer.

  • I thank my tutor so much for helping me out with all of my classes. She also gave me her other tutoring sessions, which I was able to take advantage of. I will sure want to have her again for next semester.

  • I thought it was very helpful being a part of group tutoring during these rough times. I really appreciate the amount of work these tutors put towards making sure we're actually learning the material and while also making sure to not overwhelm us too much. I think everything that the tutors are doing right now is over-the-top with helping out students and nothing should be changed about it.

  • The writing center has really helped me improve my skills. My tutor helped me with anything I needed. Since it was my first year in college, I felt like having a tutor made it easier when writing papers.

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