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Attending My First Tutor Expo

RWC tutor Estefani Gordillo shares her experience of goin to her first tutor expo.

Growth Beyond Limits: Harnessing Mindset and AI in Tutoring

Being one of the newcomers here at the RWC is an excellent experience due to the number of new things I endure from other tutors and the writers I work with. AI is a big deal nowadays, especially for instructors and tutors around our campus. This presentation acquired new strategies for how tutors can incorporate a growth mindset during tutoring sessions. With a growth mindset, one is motivated to continually self-improve and learn, develop abilities, and feed positivity to oneself during hardships. This presentation helped me view Chat AI as a helpful tool that can help my writers enhance their writing ideas when needed. The fixed mindset was a significant topic for writers because the majority come in with a fixed mindset or poor self-confidence in improving their writing skills. With a fixed mindset, Chat AI may be used to cheat, plagiarize and may be seen as perfect. So, the goal is to avoid a fixed mindset and apply a growth mindset when a writer comes into the writing center with hardships and feels like Chat AI is the only alternative.

The Twilight Zone-

Thanks to the improvement in technology, there are a variety of tools that can be used by both the tutor and writer to help improve one's writing abilities/strategies, and this is what precisely our tutors here in the RWC presented in the tutor expo.! It is essential to us tutors that our writers know of the learning technologies and tools that are accessible online. Significant tools, such as auditory or dictation, were mentioned to help writers with learning difficulties and disabilities. Such tools like dictation tools/technology can help enhance a brief construction of feedback and accessibilities for students who struggle with writing patterns. Reading and Auditory apps and tools are a tremendous way to help writers get more comfortable with reading and understanding the text in a fun and noticeable manner. Focus and Time management tools were even mentioned, and this is so mind-blowing because all these tools are created through the aspects of a student's main struggles! If anyone is interested, there is more information on page 12!

The Ethics of AI and Emerging Technologies in Education-

The emergence of technology has had such a powerful influence on today’s education society. Whether AI should be seen as morally right or wrong emerges. In this presentation, the main goal was to identify how tutors can incorporate AI tools in tutoring sessions with their students in an effective manner and perceive new ways to eliminate academic dishonesty when using AI tools. Ethics plays a significant role in the belief towards AI usage. Ethics is the study of what is morally right and what is not. Utilitarianism, deontological, and virtue are three competing theories influencing whether AI is ethically right or wrong. The ethical concerns debate whether AI is about improvement and helps the writers or is just used for dishonesty and plagiarism. Without being said, this concern depends on the definition each individual has of the three theories and academic dishonesty. The whole view on ethics and academic dishonesty are primary factors that tutors and students must consider to fulfill the writing process appropriately.

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