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Kings River Review and Introducing English 15J

The Kings River Review is an up-and-coming journal that is created by students as part of the brand new English 15J course. It is currently producing the inaugural edition of the journal this ongoing semester. Our desire is to produce a journal that reflects the emerging voices and visions of community college students, designing a space for their creative expression.

The Kings River Review will be publishing artwork, creative nonfiction, short fiction, and poetry of community college students from across the country and feature a Reedley College writer and artist in each edition. Submission selection and journal design are by the students in English 15J, Literary Journal Publication.

Does this sound like something you would want to be a part of? You can enroll in this English 15J “Literary Journal Publication” course starting next semester in Spring 2022. The course was approved for UC transfer and will become a part of the Creative Writing Certificate. The class will meet F2F Tuesdays from 1-2:35 and online in the spring. You can be a part of this journey and immerse yourself in this riveting publication experience.

“I created this class to give students a different kind of opportunity to engage with creative writing and art and be exposed to the artistic expressions from students at other 2-year colleges from across the country. Taking English 15J provides students with developing a range of unique but very practical life skills, from copyediting to print and digital design. These skills are an asset in any profession.” - Professor Apperson

English 15J Literary Journal Publication

Do you want to become an editor?

English 15J focuses on developing and using literary and professional skills to solicit and select creative submissions from primarily outside of the college, designing and producing the college's professional literary journal. This hands-on course emphasizes the development of craft while introducing the basics of editing others' manuscripts and preparing them for publication in digital and printed forms. Students will maintain a website and a social media presence for the journal. Students with creative writing or art backgrounds will benefit from participating in creating and maintaining a literary community. As such, students are encouraged to continue study in literature and languages as well as other creative writing courses. (Pre-req: 15A, 15B,15E, or 15F) (CSU, GE)

By the completion of this course, students will be able to:

•Solicit and read a variety of literary and artistic submissions, using acquired critical language in responding fairly, intelligently, and professionally in the acceptance or rejection of works.

•Work cooperatively and communicate effectively with peers and contributors to edit and publish a small literary publication, using critical thinking and problem solving to address technical and strategic issues, and possibilities, in publishing.

•Participate in the publication cycle, engaging in the mechanics of keyboarding, design, layout, and proofreading for digital and printed publication.

Insight from the Current Editors

Karley: "I've gotten a lot out of this course, and it's an honor to be part of the inaugural class/editorial team for Kings River Review. I've enjoyed learning from Prof. Apperson's expertise and appreciate how open she is to hear our opinions. Additionally, I think our small team of 3 is unstoppable and I've enjoyed collaborating with Luis and Anavela. Despite the inevitable challenges that come up with distance learning, I truly believe our first edition of KRR will be incredible!"

Anavela: "We want to do the best we can so that we best serve the artists and writers. We want to spread creative works around the community and give an opportunity to all college students. We encourage everyone to participate."

Luis: “I was a little bit intimidated to enroll in this course solely because it was a brand new addition to Reedley College. It is like exploring foreign land but I am glad I get to experience this journey alongside Professor Apperson, Karley, and Anavela. We are obtaining very important skills that will benefit us in the long run. I encourage any student who can enroll to consider enrolling because it is truly a great experience!"

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