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How to Stay Safe on Halloween Night

Halloween night can be fun for everyone, but it’s important to remember about safety! Whether you’re going out partying or going trick-or-treating, there are several ways we can keep ourselves protected.


Try to dress yourself, your kids, siblings, etc., in something bright and colorful. It can be dark while you roam the streets so it’s good to keep yourselves visible! Masks can be cool but it’s not ideal because you can get lost or even confused for someone else who might have the same mask. Make sure you also wear comfortable shoes if you’re going to be trick or treating so your feet don’t hurt (or in case you need to run away from a spooky Haunted House).


Halloween parties can be a great way to spend a spooky night. Try to go with a group of friends so you can all look after each other! If any alcoholic beverages are involved make sure you have a designated driver for the night. Drinking and driving is never worth putting yourself or others at risk!

Overall, Halloween is a spooky night for everyone to go out and enjoy themselves! Make sure you have your cell phones in case you get separated from your group (or in case it's dark and you need a flashlight). Candy is the highlight of the night but make sure you check every candy you receive for any potential hazards. Set a designated time to finish the night, have fun, and be safe!


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