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AYI-YI!!! All this "CHAT" about AI...

We have been flooded with daily news since the beginning of the new year about the revolution underway with the most recent roll outs of AI for public use...especially Chat GPT. We were shocked to see how far and how fast the roll out has captured public attention, especially its potential use for "less than ethical"(!) production of everything from math solutions to coding strings to college essays. Clearly we are in the midst of a revolution in how we can use technology in our everyday lives. In are so many ways to apply this rapid search and create technology. Our task in the days and months ahead will be to figure out how we can best use this MAGIC to facilitate learning, instead of using it for short cuts to save time.

According to KCRA-TV Sacramento, "Just as calculators aided in our ability to solve equations, Chat GPT is doing the same in the areas of writing. Of course, not everyone is so enthusiastic, and the advancement has some problematic applications. One of the most glaring is academic integrity. New York University has already banned Chat GPT in its syllabuses, and professors mentioned it specifically during their first week of classes. The Stanford Daily conducted a poll that found that 17% of students admitted to using Chat GPT in some capacity. New York City’s education department has also banned Chat GPT and a student at Princeton University invented software that can detect if an essay was written by AI. Academics are only one of the areas of caution. Areas like misinformation, unintended bias, and copyright are all ethical gray areas. Yet, while some educators are wrestling with the use of AI, others are requiring it."

Our RWC tutors have take the time to gather information and reflect on the possibilities that AI and ChatGPT are bringing to their fields of study. We hope you enjoy reading this months articles and that you come a way with a little better understanding of what what all this "CHAT" is about!

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