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Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve

Each spring, the deserts of California explode with vibrant colors of the wildflowers native to those grounds. Due to the winter's rainfall, California is experiencing a superbloom, a rare desert botanical phenomenon in which an unusually high proportion of wildflowers bloom across the hilltops and valleys. The Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve, a state natural reserve located within the western edge of the Mojave desert, is currently radiating with orange, yellow, and purple colors throughout it. These wildflowers are even blooming in the outskirts of Lancanster, CA nearing the national reserve. The wildflower season generally starts mid-February and ends in May so take advantage of the opportunity to check it out.

Antelope Valley California Poppy State Reserve

The Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve was established in 1976 with a goal to protect the wildflowers, including the state's flower, the California poppy, as well as the wildlife. The State Reserve stretches 1,800 acres, with 8 miles of trails through the hills. There are also wildlife creatures in the trails that you can spot but also be aware of, such as the Mojave rattlesnake, a variety of lizards, the black-tailed Jackrabbit, and many more.

Jane S. Pinheiro Interpretive Center

The Jane S. Pinheiro Interpretive Center was opened in 1982, named after Jane Pinheiro, a longtime Antelope Valley resident who helped establish the Poppy Reserve. She advocated to protect and preserve areas of wildflowers, Joshua Trees, and open lands. She long dreamed of a place such as the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve. Inside the Center are educational displays of the many different plants and wildlife found on the State Reserve. Visitors can also purchase Pinheiro's collection of paintings or other souvenirs.

Visit the State Reserve

During spring break, I wanted to see the superbloom phenomenon in real life. No words or pictures could amount to how gorgeous it was. I encourage you to check it out, it is open until Mother's Day (May 14). It is a great spot for spring photos or even a great experience to hike with a colorful view. Below are some photos I took while I was visiting.

Check it out this Spring before you have to wait a few years for the next superbloom!!

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