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Two Great Ways to Spend Valentine's Day: Outdoors!

The best part about February is the weather! So, why not take some time and take yourself and your loved ones out into the great outdoors. Show them what that natural world has to offer. Take a stroll through the grove of giants slumbering underneath blankets of snow in Sequoia National Park. Meander down the San Joaquin River Gorge and walk under the towering canyon walls bright with wild grasses beginning to bloom with wildflowers. This is all within an hour's drive of Reedley!

Snow Show in Sequoia National Park

Call ahead to the visitor's center to find out about road conditions, ask for trail suggestions, and ask about guided snowshoe tours. The Grant Grove Market and Lodge Pole Visitor's Center have snowshoe rentals. When I rented them last month, it was for $20 for the day. Call ahead to confirm prices. You may also rent snowshoes from REI Co-Op in Fresno which runs a similar price. Do not forget to pack extra layers to keep warm, as well as some waterproof footwear and pants to keep yourself warm and dry.

Phone Number: 559-565-3341

Drive time: 1 hour from Reedley

Hiking in the San Joaquin

This beautiful area is located just west of Auberry and is filled with tons of easy-to-follow trails! Check the weather, bring some snacks, water, and some comfortable shoes! There are 20 miles of trails that are accessible to foot traffic and mountain bikes. If you have climbing shoes and a crash pad under, the first bridge on the Ya-gub-weh-tuh trail are many beautiful and challenging bouldering problems to solve.

Camping, hiking, horseback riding, and biking permitted

Phone Number: 661-391-6000

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