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Reedley's New Construction

Child Development Center: NOW OPEN!

Construction for this building began in November of 2021. The department used to be located in portables, but the program grew to be so successful that new and larger facilities became a major priority. The new facilities now provide a spacious environment for students entering a career in early childhood education, as well as serving as a state-of-the-art child care center. There is a high demand for this program and there are good job opportunities with this degree in the area. The program has an associate degree as well as different certificate programs and opportunities to transfer.


The McClarty Center for Fine and Performing Arts: Opening SPRING 2024

The Fine and Performing arts have been present at Reedley College since its opening in 1926. The programs have struggled with budget cuts statewide. Here at Reedley College, the lack of facilities over the years has resulted in inadequate performance space for students and guest performers alike. This is about to change as of Spring 2024! The CFPA will provide students with the tools to prepare them for a world where the performing arts intersects with technology. This facility will be a showcase of work from both students and the community. We could not be MORE EXCITED!


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