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Queer Contemporary Music

RWC tutor Luis Barba gives a list of album recommendations by queer artists.

We all know that music has always been an important aspect of human life for a variety of reasons. Queer music in particular is very significant for its representation of the LGBTQ+ community. Queer people have faced marginalization throughout history but through music, they have openly expressed themselves and celebrated this group. Several iconic music artists have paved the way, but I wanted to highlight some contemporary music artists that you might enjoy!

The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess

Chappell Roan has been gaining popularity recently, and her debut album does not disappoint. It has an openness to queerness and sexuality throughout these energetic pop songs. My favorite tracks from this album are Femininomenon, Red Wine Supernova, and Casual.

Snow Angel

Reneé Rapp through her debut album, Snow Angel, expresses herself with a mix of emotional and pop songs. Reneé identifies as lesbian and does not shy away from this throughout her music. My favorite tracks from this album are Tummy Hurts, Snow Angel, and Gemini Moon. 

Heaven to a Tortured Mind

Yves Tumor in their fourth studio album expresses themselves through these experimental and explosive songs. Yves is a non-binary black queer artist who pushes many boundaries and stereotypes in their music. My favorite tracks from this album are Kerosene!, Romanticist, and Strawberry Privilege.

Fountain Baby

Amaarae in her second studio album gives an unconventional variety of pop songs. Amaarae is known for her fluid representation of gender and sexuality in her music. My favorite tracks from this album are Angels in Tibet, Princess Going Digital, and Counterfeit.

Queer music is important for the representation of the LGBTQ+ community and holds a lot of significance. Queer people have been marginalized and their voices deserve to be heard. There are many great queer music artists out there for you to listen to and enjoy!

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