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Pets of the Tutors


Tutor: Annie

Age: 8 months old

Breed: Pug

Personality: Dramatic

Favorite Activities: Loves swimming in her doggie pool & chewing on stuffed animals

Hobbies: Stealing socks & attacking the water hose

Sunny and Sissy

Tutor: Haley

Age: 5

Breed: Tabby

Personalities: Sunny has always been a chonkosaurus, and he’s the bigger cuddle bug. Sissy can be more timid and is much more scared of loud noises. However, she’s a total huntress, whereas Sunny is really lazy.

Favorite Activities: Sunny loves to bundle up with me and sleep in my bed. Sissy loves to chase and play with those fishing poles with the toy on the end.


Tutor: Iman

Pet Age: 1 ½

Breed: Siamese Lynx

Personality: Nala is very spunky. She's an Aries, so she has a fiery type of personality. She is also very affectionate; she will follow you everywhere and lay down next to you. She needs to constantly be around people---she hates to be alone! She's the type to come off as intimidating but in reality, is a softie. Also, she is very dorky like her owner LOL

Favorite Activities: Sleeping, playing with laser pointer, and popping bubbles

Hobbies: being cross-eyed, making biscuits (kneading) on my blanket, hiding under my parent’s bed, and killing bugs

Social Media: @naturally.nala on Instagram


Tutor: Kaitlin

Pet Age: 1

Breed: Jenday Conure

Personality: Active, hyper, & goofy

Favorite Activities: Chewing through toys, taking baths & flying around the room

Hobbies: He really likes to play with his sister Pepina (my other conure), he loves to fly around and get lots of exercise, and he also likes to chew through various toys and some of my shirts


(short for "Jaeduck")

Tutor: Stephanie

Pet Age: 6 months (2021 April 16)

Breed: Still figuring that out – Duck’s father is an orange tabby and her mom has a longhair tortoiseshell coat

Personality: Confident, friendly, occasionally moody, probably gossips

Favorite Activities: Martial arts (surprise attacks and wrestling), ecology (hiding in grass, climbing bushes), and communication (talking)

Hobbies: Napping, lounging, attacking toys, quality time with her humans and feline family & friends


Tutor: Yuritza

Pet Age: 2

Breed: Possibly mixed

Personality: Very active; He’s always jumping around. He loves people and the attention he gets. He has a resting smiling face.

Favorite Activities: Playing fetch. He’s good at catching the ball and likes to pretend that he’s going to give it back but runs away with it instead.

Hobbies: laying around and getting his back rubbed


Tutor: Madelinne

Pet Age: 10

Breed: Chihuahua

Personality: playful

Favorite Activities: Walking around the neighborhood and marking her territory

Hobbies: Barking at cats, barking at dogs (twice her size), and sleeping

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