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National Love Your Pet Day

RWC tutor Audrey Bergen gives some tips on spoiling your pet to commemorate this day.

February 17th is National Love Your Pet Day. Whether you have a lizard, dog, cat, or anything in between, consider doing something special for them to commemorate this day!

If your pet has a favorite food or treat, consider getting it for them. You can even make homemade treats. For pets who enjoy being out and about, a trip to a pet store to let them pick out a toy or even just walk around to explore can be fun. Restaurants with pet-friendly patios are one way to spoil dogs. Some of these restaurants include The Wakehouse in Reedley, Lazy Dog in Fresno, which offers rice bowls  for  pets,  and  The  Habit  Burger  Grill  locations  with  a  patio. 

You could even check out a local burger place that offers pup patties or Starbucks or other coffee shops that offer pup cups. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with making these treats for your pet in the comfort of your own home!

As for outdoor activities for more adventurous and energetic pets, visiting a park or dog park, going on a hike, or going on a road trip to the beach or the mountains for a camping trip are all excellent options. Whatever adventure you choose, bring plenty of water and food for yourself and your pet. Keep the temperature in mind, as when the outside temperature is around 80 degrees or higher, certain surfaces like concrete can harm animal paws. Shoes/booties are a solution (if your pet tolerates them).

Especially when going somewhere in the wilderness, it’s important to be safe, which includes having forms of communication in case of an emergency and having a first aid kit or supplies on hand in case you or your pet gets injured.

If you don’t have a pet, consider volunteering at a local animal shelter! This is a great way to show pets without a home love and attention. Some tasks that animal shelters regularly need help with include folding laundry, washing dishes, helping at events, walking dogs, cleaning out kennels, and interacting with animals in their kennels.

*Note - Many shelters require training before volunteers can interact with shelter pets.

Whatever you decide to do to spoil your pet, know that they will feel incredibly loved.

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