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Library Lover's Month

As the new school year rolls out, it’s only fitting that we take some of our precious time this month to celebrate and appreciate one of the most important public goods the world has ever supported: the library.

Libraries can easily be overlooked as a given, as they’ve been so fully ingrained into our culture as a public necessity in every county big enough to have a branch. And for counties not big enough, there are, of course, the iconic libraries on wheels, which if you’ve never experienced it, imagine a book food truck!

February is a month for literature and learning lovers. And your feelings aren’t unrequited – the community college libraries are always organizing themselves to best help you on your academic and life journeys.

Ways the Reedley College Library shows its love for the student body you may not be aware of include:

  • Creating eye-catching and interactive displays

  • Hosting and organizing interesting events and workshops

  • Keeping a rich stock of diverse media – books, audiobooks, graphic novels, journals, and more!

  • Charging stations to top off your devices while you study hard

  • Technology rentals to get work done: laptops, iPads, graphing calculators, and more helpful office tools you may not have at home

And with all that good stuff to appreciate, please be sure to express that love through February!

Some ways that you can support your local library might be:

  • Utilize the library! Spend time there, check out books, use their printers, and stream some music.

  • Participate in their lovingly crafted events, virtually or in-person

  • Being polite and saying "thank you" when using their services

  • Following them on Instagram @reedleycollegelibrary

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