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Learning Actively through Flashcards and Quizzing

There are a number of ways you can practice learning actively. Two specific methods that I recommend utilizing to do so are making flashcards and quizzing. These methods have their own unique ways of helping you become an effective active learner!

How Do Flashcards Help?

  • Allows use of recall

  • Helps break up large chunks of information

  • Promotes learning for your long-term memory rather than short-term

  • Can be utilized for any subject you are trying to learn

  • Writing down information in your own words helps in information retention

Flashcards let you write down important information, which allows you to recall the main point of the information. It also helps in breaking down larger portions of information so it is easier for you to process. Flashcards are known to help learn information in your long-term memory rather than your short-term memory. The great thing about flashcards is that they can be used for any learning subject. Writing information down in your own words can also help you learn more effectively!

What are the benefits of Quizzing?

  • Allows you to determine what information you do or do not know

  • Lets you know what needs more or less studying

  • Lets you actively recall knowledge you learned to answer questions

I know quizzes can be unpleasant sometimes but there are so many benefits to them! It’s very important to understand what you do and don’t know about certain information. This will let you effectively allocate your time to what needs less studying and what needs a lot more of your focus. Quizzing in general is of great importance because it makes you actively recall information that you need to know to answer the questions. Overall, flashcards and quizzing are great methods you can use which will help you so much in learning actively!

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