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International Volunteer Day

RWC tutor Audrey Bergen provides an overview of this celebration and gives ways that it can be commemorated through different volunteer activities.

International Volunteer Day is on December 5th and is the day to give back to the community and the many charities and organizations that provide essential services for those in need.

Whether it's donating canned goods to a food drive so that families in need can have food to put on their table for the holidays, collecting warm clothes to donate, or serving food to the community, there are many ways you can give back to your community. Organizations like animal shelters also usually need goods, including new or gently used blankets, dog and cat food, and other goods. Some organizations, animal shelters or otherwise, have Amazon wishlists. This is one way to donate items that an organization is in need of.

Volunteering is an activity where you can use your strengths to better your community, so find a cause you are passionate about and see if there are volunteer opportunities for it! Below are a few local organization's links to volunteer at.

My Experience

I currently volunteer for Fresno Animal Center where I participate in their In-bark Program, where you get to go to the shelter and take a dog out for the day. Outings I have taken dogs on include getting them a pup cup, sitting outside on the patio of a restaurant, going to Woodward Park, and letting them pick out a toy at a pet store. It is heartwarming to see shelter dogs let down their guard and begin to trust me through these outings. I also volunteer at the Valley Animal Center in Fresno, and have been for the past four years. Over this time I have formed close bonds with some of the dogs there (see adoptable Santana above) and I enjoy getting to interact with them and take them out to the play yard to run around.

Organizations to Volunteer at: (multiple locations)

https://www.salvationarmy (multiple locations)v

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