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'Hustle Culture': What Students Can Do to Steer Clear of This Phenomenon

You may have heard of a saying that expresses, "Work to live or live to work?" Working to live would mean that after you finish working, you would have time to do what you enjoy, and living to work would mean that your life revolves around work.

In today's society hustle culture can be seen as overworking oneself to the point where it becomes your life's motto. It leaves no room for personal interests or hobbies. This not only damages the person's physical health but also puts a lot of mental strain on the individual.

As a student and a tutor, I often hear how much stress and pressure those around me feel on a daily basis. Surely enough, students often experience some type of burnout throughout their education. This may be due to multiple pressures and responsibilities such as jobs, exams, extracurricular activities, personal life matters, and any organizations outside of school.

It's important for students to have time for themselves even if it's just a couple of minutes. There are many self-care practices that students can begin to incorporate into their daily routines. Below, are just a few options.


Rest: Rest is what will help you be more productive. Without it, our body would not be able to function at its full potential. Now, rest may not always look like a bubble bath or a cucumber face mask and that's okay. It could be as simple as going outside to get some fresh air, or getting up from your desk and stretching.


Declutter: I know this may sound tedious, but working in a clean area can also alleviate some built up stress!

Write in a journal: For many it can be difficult to voice our emotions, so writing them down on paper can still be beneficial.


Positive Affirmations: We often are our worst critics, so it might be time to change the "I can't do's" to "I am capable of doing".

Laughing: Try watching a funny video. Laughing helps your body release endorphins that help relieve pain and it triggers feelings of pleasure.

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