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Happy Coca-cola day

RWC tutor Estefani Gordillo gives the history of this holiday and ways to celebrate it.

What is Coca-Cola Day:

For those of us who just can’t get enough of soda, prepare yourselves for the one and only... Coca-Cola Day! National Have a Coke Day has been around ever since the early 1980s and takes place each May the 8th! Pretty cool, right?! The rules are simple. Pick up an ice-cold refreshing Coca-Cola and enjoy the drink with a huge smile! May 8th is celebrated to honor the iconic beverage that has brought joy to people all around the world.

Celebrating the Iconic Beverage: Summertime is coming soon and the heat is real! National Coke Day gives us the advantage to enjoy a break from this heat with a refreshing, bubbly taste. There are fun and creative ways one can celebrate Coke Day. Down below are a few tips on how one can celebrate and observe this historical and iconic event.

How to Celebrate National Have A Coke Day:

Make A Coke Float

You will need a tall glass, your favorite ice-cream, and a can of coke! Put the appropiate amount scoops of ice-cream you are craving in the tall glass and then pour the amount of coke you want over it!

Bake With A Coke

If you enjoy baking splendid deserts, you can always use coke as an ingredient to bake homemade desserts such as cakes, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, etc.

Throw A Mini Party

You can defently throw a mini party inviting you family and friends to celebrate this national event! Serve up your favorite snacks and drink that include Coca-Cola as the ingredient!

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