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Guided Pathways: Art, Music, and English (AME)

Did you know that Reedley College has programs called Guided Pathways to help students with their major? If not, this is the right place for you. This month we’re focusing on the Art, Music, and English Pathway, and how they help students with connecting to their majors and getting to know others in similar majors/programs, opportunities available for their chosen career path, and all kinds of other wonderful things!

As a student of Reedley College, you’re part of a pathway, even if you don’t know it! There are seven pathways at this school - Art, Music, and English (AME), Agriculture & Natural Resources (AGNR), Business (BUS), Early Childhood & Education (ECE), Industrial & Manufacturing (IND), Social Sciences (SS), and STEM. Find out more about the different pathways at this link:

Each student is divided into a different pathway based on their major, and their pathway helps them with a multitude of things in their educational journey. They tell students about events or resources that may help them as students, give them a chance to connect with people in their major or similar majors, hold events for students to learn more about opportunities available in their field of study, and more.

As well as being a tutor at the Reading & Writing Center, I am also the Pathway Navigator for this pathway. Pathway Navigators, who also act as student ambassadors for Reedley College, are students who give a “student voice” in pathway meetings, bridging the gap between students & faculty/staff, working on events with the pathway, and helping out wherever they can.

The AME Pathway is here to help students in the art, music, and English majors & programs at Reedley College.

Art, Music, & English Majors/Programs

This is a comprehensive list of all the majors and certificates involved in this pathway:

Liberal Arts and Sciences - Arts and Humanities

  • Fine Arts

  • Art

  • Art - Studio Arts for Transfer

  • Art History

  • Art - Option 1: Two-Dimensional Program

Art - Option 2: Three-Dimensional Program

  • Art/Computer Art Program

  • Art/Computer Digital Imaging

  • Computer Animation

  • Art - Graphic Design

  • English

  • English - Creative Writing

  • English for Transfer

  • Journalism

  • Music - Instrumental option

  • Music - Vocal option

  • General Music

  • Music for Transfer

  • Music - Instrumental Performance

  • Music - Music Theory

  • Music - Piano Performance

  • Music - Vocal Performance

The AME Success Team

Danielle Reents: Lead Counselor:

I am a Counselor at Reedley College. I am the Lead Counselor for the Art, Music and English (AME) pathway. I earned my Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration, Marketing and a Master’s degree in Counseling and Student Services. I am native to the Central Valley and enjoy exploring our local mountains and National Parks. I also love building community and relationships with others through work, church activities, and working out with others. I enjoy assisting students in creating student education plans, connecting them to resources, providing career guidance, and assisting them in succeeding in their courses.

Anya Connelly: Faculty Lead

I am the Lead Faculty for the Art, Music, and English (AME) pathway. I

have taught English courses at Reedley College since 2019. I enjoy

helping students discover their potential and passion when pursuing

a college education. I also love reading, writing, listening to music, and building my vintage record collection. I graduated from California State University, Sacramento with a Master of Arts degree in English Composition and Rhetoric.

Dawnielle Janssen: Intervention Specialist

I am the Intervention Specialist for the Art, Music and English (AME) pathway. I have worked for Reedley College since 2019 in the Disabled Student Programs and Services Office. I enjoy assisting students in the Workability III Program with job preparation and job search services. I also graduated from Fort Lewis College in Durango Colorado with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and graduated from Fresno State University with a Master of Science degree in Rehabilitation Counseling.

Veronica Andrade-Romeo: Data Coach

I am the data coach for the Art Music and English Pathway. Part of

what data coaches do is that we are assigned a pathway to work

with. Our job with that pathway is to pull and analyze data for the pathway so that the pathway success team can make informed decisions. We are especially interested in helping to create equity. As a college we want all students to succeed and our job as data coaches is to use data to help the success team spark conversation on areas where we can improve.

Hannah Leece: Student Navigator

I am the Pathway Navigator for the AME pathway and a tutor at

the RWC at Reedley College. I have been working as a tutor since

Spring 2020 and as a navigator since Fall 2020. I’m also an English Lit major at Fresno State and an alumnus of Reedley College, where I graduated this past spring with my Associate’s degree for Transfer in English. I love helping students in any way I can as a tutor and pathway navigator and hope to eventually work in legal writing or become an English professor.

The AME Canvas Shell

As mentioned before, each pathway also has a Canvas shell you can add to your dashboard. Announcements are posted on the Canvas shell regularly about events and/or deadlines coming up, opportunities for advancement in your field of study, and more. There’s also information in the shell about resources for students, the majors/programs available within that pathway, tips & advice for students, tutorials to different online programs like Starfish and Office 365, and other helpful resources for you as a student. Here is the link so you can self-enroll in the AME Canvas shell if you would like to join:

AME Pathway Events

In the AME Pathway, we also host lots of events during the semester for students, both fun and informative ones. Here are some of the events we’re planning and have already done this semester:

  • Course Previews - these are events in which faculty in the Art, Music, and English departments get together to showcase classes being offered next semester to students. This gives the department to showcase classes that are at risk of being dropped because of low enrollment, and gives students the opportunity & information to enroll in classes that they find interesting and hadn’t heard about before.

  • “Fall Finds” Showcase - this is an event happening this month in which students can submit short stories, poems, art pieces, and music pieces to show off the work they’re doing in their fields of study. We’re also doing an opportunity drawing for students to win prizes as well. It’s an exciting chance for students to showcase some of their work and get recognition for it.

  • Coffee & Brunch - this is something we did earlier this semester in which we met on campus and gave students in the pathway free coffee & breakfast food as well as pins and books from the Reading & Writing Center. Not only did students get free food, they also got a chance to meet other people in the pathway and make connections with faculty members.

Join the AME Pathway!

The AME Pathway is happy to provide these resources & coordinate fun events for students to get to know one another and make connections with faculty & staff. If you have any questions about the pathway or how to become a part of what we do, look above for the link to self-enroll in our Canvas shell or contact our Lead Counselor, Danielle Reents, at Hope to hear from you soon!

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