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Francisco Goya

An oil self-portrait of Francisco Goya. He posts with a paint brush and has a serious look on his face.
Self-portrait (1826)

Francisco Goya was a Spanish artist considered a legend in the art community because of his work in the 18th century. He was born on March 30th, 1746. Many call him the father of modern art because he created pieces that portrayed and criticized his era's political and social problems. Goya studied art as a teenager and spent time in Italy to improve his skills. He often mimicked the art of other famous painters to improve his technique and skills. Goya started creating tapestry cartoons, which were artworks that served as models for woven tapestries.

An oil painting of soldiers pointing guns at unarmed people
The Third of May (1808)

Goya was appointed the painter of the royal court, and he began to gain fame and popularity. Goya was well known as a portrait painter and got commissions from many royal families. His portraits were so famous because of his eye for detail. His painting "The Duke and Duchess of Osuna and their Children" illustrates his skillful details in the face and clothing. In 1792 goya went completely deaf from an unknown illness. Although suffering from disease, his career as a painter thrived. During this time, he painted his work "Los Caprichos," which consists of eighty prints that explore the corruption and greed that ran rampant in the Spanish government.

A painting of a royal family standing in a room with large paintings behind them
Charles IV of Spain and His Family (1800)

His most famous works include a portrait of King Charles IV and his family and "The Third of May," which depicts the horrors of Madrid's uprising against French forces. In his final years, Goya worked with Ferdinand VII. Goya expressed his displeasure with Ferdinand VII through his series of work "Los disparates." After that, the political climate became so tense Goya worried for his safety and sought refuge in France. He continued to paint, and soon after died on April 16, 1828.

Goya will always be remembered as an iconic artist and father of modern art who used his work to comment on the world's social and political inequalities.

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