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Entering the Twilight Zone: Utilizing Accessible Learning Technology

RWC tutors Leslie Rivera, Jann Rodriguez, Emily Rawlings, Ulysses Ochoa, Jackie Zamora, & Hannah Kleinkramer present methods of using technology to make learning more accessible.


Our goal is to Improve accessibility to education – both in terms of helping students with learning difficulties or disabilities and in making learning less location-dependent. This means we will be sharing tools that can be used inside and outside of tutoring scenarios.

Learning Objectives

Have knowledge about accessible learning technologies and how they can be helpful in tutoring scenarios Know how to access learning technologies Feel comfortable trying out new technologies with students

Importance of Accessible Learning Technology

We also want to emphasize the importance of accessible learning technologies because they Ensure learners with disabilities have equal access to education. They Create higher-quality and more user-friendly learning materials, and they Enhance learning outcomes by empowering students.

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