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Entering the Twilight Zone: Time Management Tools:


Focus tools help with concentration and time management. These can range from digital planners to apps that track your time doing certain tasks. Even something like Microsoft Excel can be a focus tool that helps students schedule their day.

Which Students Benefit:

College students who have ADHD benefit greatly from focus tools, as they help with focusing on tasks and procrastination. From personal experience, these tools can also help students who in general have trouble studying or getting started on a project.


LeechBlock, a site blocker that can block distracting sites at certain hours. LeechBlock even has options for how the site will be blocked, such as setting it so that the tab will automatically close and even letting the user block sites in up to two-week intervals. The pros of LeechBlock are that it’s free and has a ton of options. The downside of the program is that there is no mobile option, and a large number of options makes it not the most intuitive program to use. LeechBlock can help students who have ADHD as they

In the season 5 episode “You Drive,” businessman Oliver Pope is distracted at the wheel and makes a tragic mistake that ends up following him… literally. Now while getting haunted isn’t something that could happen if a student gets distracted from their work, they might be haunted by the points they missed out on from not doing their assignments on time. Luckily, they can use can use it to block tempting distractions and set up routine times to do their class work. These advantages can also help all students in general.


Maybe if Oliver had organized his time better, he would’ve left for work early and not had that fateful accident. While it’s much too late for him, it’s not too late for students to use RoutineFlow to manage their tasks. RoutineFlow is a digital planner that tracks your time spent on tasks. It allows you to make lists of what you need to do, sends you reminders of tasks, and blocks out time for designated tasks. A big pro for RoutineFlow is that it is easy to use and will guide a student through the process of setting up a routine. A con is that, unfortunately, the app will not be able to block the student from simply doing other things on their phone, so they need a separate app to work in tandem with RoutineFlow to keep them on track. Students with ADHD can benefit from using RoutineFlow as it helps manage tasks throughout the day, and the reminders help with not forgetting what needs to be done at specific times.

Where to Find:

Both these time management tools are easily accessible and free. LeechBlock can be found as a Chrome extension and is also available on Windows Edge. Rountineflow can be found on Google Play and Apple app stores.

You are Now Exiting The Twilight Zone

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