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Entering the Twilight Zone: Recording/Notes Apps:


Recording/ notes apps are tools where one can record lectures, type notes, upload powerpoints and files, and some can even transcribe audios.

Which Students Benefit:

Students that would benefit from these tools would be students with: ADHD, Cognitive problems, memory issues, and auditory processing issues as it provides them a tool to keep and organize notes as well as having access to the entire lecture.


A popular option for students is Evernote which has a calendar, can record lectures, and create to-do lists. The base app is free; however, there are subscriptions for students who would like additional functions. Something to be aware of is that Evernote cannot handle long audio files. It does allow you to download the file, but it you will have to download it onto your device. It also cannot transcribe audio.


If audio transcription is a necessity for you then Glean would be the ideal choice. It can also create chapters in the audio, so you don’t have to comb through the whole recording to find a specific section of a lecture. PowerPoints and documents can be uploaded alongside the audio. For best transcription, it is best to be as close to the front of the class as it will reduce the number of errors in the transcription

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