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Crochet a Scarf with Me

RWC tutor Jannette Rodriguez shares her creativity by going through the steps of crocheting a scarf.

December is a great month to learn how to crochet a scarf, so grab your hook and yarn and follow the step-to-step tutorial below. Atreyu Crochet on YouTube has a full video tutorial for this pattern as well; it is linked below. This holiday season is a perfect time to make a scarf for yourself or even your family or friends with Christmas coming up; it will make a warm-hearted handmade present, especially if you are on a budget.

Step 1 - Start with a ch of a multiple of 2 plus 2. This will be the width of the scarf.

Step 2 - In the 5th ch, dc 1 then into the 4th ch from the hook dc 1 to create a criss cross st, continue this pattern across the ch. Once at the end, dc 1 then ch 1 & flip your work. See steps 3-5 for better understanding.

Step 3 - Into the same ch 1, sc 1 & continue this st into the top of every st for this row; ch 3 then flip your work. It should look something like the image.

Step 4 - Repeat step 2 for length of the scarf; ending the scarf on a row of sc.

Step 5 - To further explain the 2nd step for the criss cross st: Starting on the row of sc, ch 3 then flip your work.

Step 6 - Into the 2nd st from the ch 3 not, dc 1. It would appear like you skipped 1 st shown in the image.

Step 7 - Into the 1st st (the one that you skipped), dc 1 to create that criss cross pattern.

Repeat this st for this row.

Last st should be a dc.

Step 8 - To further explain the 2nd step for the sc: Starting on the row of the crisscross st, ch 1 then flip your work.

Step 9 - Into that ch 1 space, insert the hook without grabbing the yarn, then sc 1. Continue sc into every st for this row.

Step 10 - You're done!

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