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Celebrities Who Went to Community College

Community college may seem drab,

but it is actually pretty fab.

Lots of celebrities you know attended,

and their lives turned out pretty splendid.

Did you know Oprah attended community college?

That's how she gained her superior knowledge.

She gives away free stuff on TV.

I think she achieved the American dream.

Tom Hanks also went to class.

He worked really hard to pass.

Undergraduate work led to his success:

Apollo 13, Toy Story, and the Polar Express.

Walt Disney also nurtured his mind.

With his stories, he teaches us all to be kind.

Mickey and the gang are his wonderful creations.

That's because of his college foundations.

Another celebrity that had an academic life:

Clint Eastwood, who got through college without strife

You may think he's old or outdated,

but Clint still graduated.

Former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger,

You may know him as the Terminator,

went to Santa Monica for post-secondary school.

I guess that makes him super cool.

Another person who is awesome and great

is Morgan Freeman, who never went to class late.

LA is where he learned to entertain.

That's why he flies a private plane.

George Lucas created Star Wars.

He didn't see college as a chore.

He used his brain to bring fantasy to life,

and made every Jedi's future bright

Eddie Murphy is a funny guy

that's because he was applied.

He was even on Saturday Night Live,

all because community college helped him thrive.

Community college is anything but lame.

It can bring you happiness, wealth, and fame.

Don't catch those college blues.

Come next year, you may be on the news!!!

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