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Campus Vaccine Mandate: Thoughts from Students

In an effort to provide safety to all employees, students, contractors, and visitors, the COVID vaccine will be mandated to attend any SCCCD college campuses. I reached out to several students via email to collect a variety of opinions on how students feel about this mandate.

"I would honestly love the mandate. If people find wearing masks a difficult task to fulfill, the least they could do is get the vaccine. I am fully vaccinated and will be getting the third shot because I actually believe in science and care about the lives that are dying. I do think this is a step in the right direction. I do hope that it will slow the rate of cases just a bit but I do believe that although you are vaccinated you should wear a mask. Especially since classes are indoors."


"I think this mandate is going to make our campus a lot safer. People can downplay the reality of getting sick with this flu all that they want, but if it's no big deal, then protecting others from it should be no big deal either. It's common courtesy, in my opinion, just as simple and easy as washing your hands regularly. I believe the mandate is good because it prioritizes our health and scientific institutions over personal preferences. Most people don't like going to vote, but it's a civic duty. Taking advantage of a free vaccine opportunity and keeping people safe from getting sick should be seen with that much value."


"Since I am already fully vaccinated, this mandate doesn't have a huge effect on me. I do think it will have a significant impact on those who aren't vaccinated yet because it will force them to remember that this pandemic is still very real, and the vaccine is a step in the right direction in moving on as a society. Also, it adds that extra layer of protection since there's the Delta variant that's been going around. I do think that this mandate is a step in the right direction because it gives us the chance to possibly go back to "normal" society. I know there are different reasons why people choose to not get vaccinated, and the health concerns are totally valid, but those choosing to not get vaccinated because they think it is some way for the government to control us, are clouding their judgment with nonsense. Since we were children, we HAD to get certain vaccinations in order to begin elementary school, so I don't understand why this new mandate is any different to some people. In my opinion, this mandate is just like any other required vaccinations we had to get growing up. It is just these past few years, everyone has decided to make everything about politics. When in fact, this is just about protecting our community's health. Doesn't matter if you're a Democrat, Republican, Conservative, Liberal, or Progressive---it's about being human and doing what it takes to protect yourself and those around you."


“I am not sure exactly where I stand on this vaccine mandate. I am glad in a sense because this means more people would pose less of a risk to each other, and overall decrease their chances of getting sick themselves. On the other hand, I feel like it is unfair to an extent mandating a vaccine that some people may not be comfortable receiving.”

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