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Aprils Fools’ Day

RWC tutor Luis Barba gives some ideas for how to celebrate Aprils Fools’ Day.

April Fools’ Day (April 1st) is a day of celebration where you can play harmless pranks, tell jokes, and spread hoaxes. It is a day of fun and  these jokes are generally revealed by saying “April Fools!” It is important to remember that these jokes should be light-hearted and considerate of others. I will be sharing some simple pranks and cheesy jokes with you for this year's April Fools’ Day! 

Simple pranks:

  • You can change the time on someone’s clock

  • You can place fake bugs around to spook someone

  • You can replace the filling of some Oreo cookies with toothpaste

  • You can set a phone or TV screen wallpaper to a cracked screen

  • You can create a fake news article about something absurd

  • You can place a whoopee cushion under someone’s seat

Cheesy jokes:

Why shouldn't you tell duck jokes on April Fools' Day?

They'll quack up.

What kind of shoes do frogs wear when spring comes?


What do bees use to fix their hair?


What kind of pickles do spring flowers like?


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