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A Typewriter's Value

Do you think of typewriters as ancient machines, ones of little importance and purpose in our lives today? Machines that allow primitive humans to put words on paper? The reality is that typewriters are no longer a necessity in our world because of computers and printers, but that doesn't mean they don't hold value. Believe it or not, typewriters still have a place in our bustling, technologically inclined world.

Typewriters are an unquestionable dedication to writing and craft. They look back into the past and represent an air of sophistication synonymous with the struggling writer. The feeling that comes with the clacking keys and the mechanical sound makes typewriters regal. There is power within the manual movement of hand-hitting keys and its ability to type unfiltered and unencumbered words on paper.

"The Typewriting Experience"

Your hands lay at the ready,

firm and gentle but steady.

Then you begin.

The words come from within,

but you know that already.

The sound you hear

is click-clack clear.

The bell dings,

The carriage swings,

and the end of your writing is near.

There is one more thing you need.

Look at your paper and proofread.

There is no backspace on this machine,

so your typing will have to be lean and clean.

Now proceed.

Stop and take a rest.

Look at all you have expressed.

Take a look at what you've done,

even if you have just begun.

You should be thoroughly impressed.

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