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6 Ways to Be Great This Self-Improvement Month

The month of September is Self-Improvement Month, which serves as a reminder that it is essential to work on bettering yourself and work toward accomplishing the dreams and goals that will help you become a better version of yourself. Here is a list of things you can start doing this month that will hopefully turn into habits you can stick to for many more months.

Remember, any month is an excellent month to start a journey to a better you!

Read More Books

Many self-help books are available to help people deal with the many challenges they face in life; however, self-help books are not the only books that can help improve people's lives. Reading, in general, has benefits that can help individuals live better lives.

College life can quickly get overwhelming, especially when balancing other responsibilities and a full course schedule, so dedicating thirty minutes to reading can help relieve some stress at the end of the day.

Along with this, being an avid reader will help build a person's vocabulary because books will expose an individual to words they would not come across otherwise. Working on expanding one's vocabulary is essential for students because it can help to open up career opportunities after graduation.

Learn a New Language

Learning a new language can and will open up many opportunities in people's lives. For one, there can be more job opportunities for a person who speaks multiple languages, especially if job positions need people who speak a particular language.

In addition, speaking multiple languages can open up opportunities to meet and communicate with more people in an individual's community.

Start a Journal

Writing is not only a great way for people to express themselves, but it is also a tool that individuals can use to reflect. By reading their own journal entries, people can learn from their experiences since it will help them better understand the situations they have written about.

It can also help them be more appreciative of their experiences and what they have.

Get Feedback

As hard as it may be to receive constructive criticism on their work, the feedback that individuals get from their peers, mentors, instructors, etc., will help them develop into better people in society.

People are easily biased about their work because it is hard for them to believe that something they dedicated so much time to could be flawed. However, allowing others to see their work and opening up to feedback can help them understand how they can improve their skills.


It is no secret that exercise can help improve one’s health. Exercising regularly will not only improve the body’s health, but it can also improve one’s mental health. Students spend many hours sitting at their desks studying and completing assignments, so exercise can quickly end up at the bottom of their priorities. Making exercise a part of their daily routine can benefit their body and mental health, improving their lifestyle.

Challenge Yourself

A big mistake someone can make that can prevent them from becoming a better person forgets to challenge themselves. It is easy to get comfortable in daily routines, but doing this without daily challenges can stop a person from learning, which will halt their personal growth.

Although it is great when people take on big challenges in their lives, challenges can also be small tasks that people accomplish throughout their day. Slowly coming out of their comfort zone will, in the long run, lead to extremely bettering themselves.

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