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6 Fun Things To Do on Thanksgiving Break!

Do some Cooking

Thanksgiving is jam-packed with hundreds of delicious recipes. Why not pick a one and try making it. Whether it is a classic or something new, cooking can be a fun way to spend some free time. Not to mention you get to enjoy some food when you're done.

Go to a corn maze

There is nothing more quintessentially fall than a corn maze. Running through a corn maze, getting lost, and exploring around each bend can be a fun family activity. Some mazes even allow pets to come with you!

Make something yummy

Baking a pumpkin pie for thanksgiving is a classic, but you don't always have to stay traditional. You can bake an apple, lemon, chocolate, rhubarb, or any other flavor pie you want. Don't let the holiday stop you from baking the pie of your dreams.

Make a fall centerpiece

You can easily make a beautiful centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table if you feel creative. Flowers, candles, or even fruits and vegetables can make a great centerpiece and make the holiday feel a little more festive.

Visit A Farmers Market

A farmer's market is a great way to get out of the house, support local businesses, and get some fresh produce. You can even incorporate those fresh ingredients into your Thanksgiving meal for some yummy results.

Donate to the food bank

Giving back to your community can be very rewarding, so everyone should consider donating food to your local food bank. The holidays can be challenging for many families who struggle, so this thanksgiving break is the perfect time to donate food to those in need.

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