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4 Cozy Gilmore Girls Moments

“It’s just my favorite time of year. The whole world changes color.” This is a quote portraying the love of so many who have watched Gilmore Girls for the autumn and winter seasons, rewatching the show every year to recreate precious memories from years past. Through its witty pop culture references, numerous coffee addictions on behalf of the show’s two forefront characters, and words spoken so fast you cannot possibly keep up with them, this show is my favorite comfort in the months following August every year. In this article, I am going to describe some of the best moments in Gilmore Girls that took place in the fall and winter to explain just how magical the two seasons are.

Caution – spoilers ahead! Read at your own Risk!

A Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving: Season 3, Ep. 9

This is one of the best episodes of Gilmore Girls ever to grace television in its’ seven-season run: an episode in which Rory and Lorelai attend four Thanksgiving dinners to have time for each of the people who have invited them over; Lorelai’s parents, Lane, Luke, and Sookie. Emily “Shanghai’s” Lorelai into attending family dinner, Sookie gets drunk while Jackson decides to deep-fry a turkey for their Thanksgiving dinner, and the Kims eat lots of “tofurkey.”

Road Trip to Harvard: Season 2, Ep. 4

Another on the list of full episodes to encapsulate the love of autumn and winter is when Rory and Lorelai follow a whim to go on an impromptu road trip to see Harvard. When Lorelai decides in the previous episode to break off her impending marriage to Max Medina, the two drive off in any direction and ultimately end up at Harvard to tour the place Rory has grown up dreaming of attending for years on end.

Kiss and Tell: Season 1, ep. 7

Even though not all of us may like Dean as a character post-season 3, the first few seasons of the Dean-Rory romance are pretty swoon-worthy in certain episodes – including Season 1 Episode 7, “Kiss and Tell.” In this episode, Rory goes to Doose’s Market to see Dean, and after he unexpectedly kisses her for the first time, she runs out, accidentally stealing a box of cornstarch as she runs out of the store. Though Rory spends a good portion of the episode embarrassed by her reaction to the kiss, she and Dean eventually smooth things over, and it becomes a cute story to tell for seasons to come.

Women of Questionable Morals: Season 5, ep. 11

Oh, the wonderful relationship of Lorelai and Luke over the years – they are the perfect, star-shining example of the friends-to-lovers trope and the will-they-won’t-they trope of the 2000s. When Lorelai, longtime lover of snow and winter, has her share of snow-related disasters in the episode “Women of Questionable Morals,” in season 5, she decides she has had enough of snow and despises it. Luke, in an effort to make her happy, builds her an ice-skating rink outside of her house.

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