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3 Spooky Games To Try Out!

What better way to enjoy this spooky season than enjoying some spooky games? I’m going to recommend some of my favorite scary games that you can try out for yourself or with some friends this Halloween season!

Dead By Daylight

One game you should definitely try out is Dead By Daylight. Dead by Daylight is an online asymmetric multiplayer survival horror game. This game has bloody horror icons you can play, such as Ghostface, Michael Myers, Freddy Kreuger, and much more. There are also iconic survivors you can go against these killers such as Laurie Strode, Ellen Ripley, Nicolas Cage, and others. I have personally accumulated hundreds of hours of gameplay on Dead By Daylight and can say that it’s definitely a fun game to play with your friends and survive!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

A more recent horror game you can try out is The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is an asymmetrical survival horror game based on the slasher film. You can choose to be a family member and hunt down the victims, or you can be a victim and try to escape the family. With three killers and 4 victims in the round, it makes for some exciting and intense gameplay. I recommend gathering your friends to try this out, or go in solo and prove your skills!

The Forest

I recommend trying out The Forest. The Forest is a survival horror video game. In this game, you crashland in this forest with your son, who has been taken by cannibals. Your goal is to build and survive in the forest against these cannibals while also trying to find your missing son. You can play solo and cower in a corner like I did my first time, or you can crashland with some friends and survive the forest together!

There are a variety of spooky games out there to be enjoyed! You’re bound to have a scare (or many) which can be a lot of fun. I hope you’re able to try these games out and survive with friends!

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