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3 Fun Ways to Relieve Semester Stress!

The school semester has begun, and with that can come a boatload of stress! I have endured that very stress and wanted to share my personal favorite activities that help ease my stress.


Video Games

Playing video games is a great way to sit back and enjoy your free time.

A recent popular game that I have enjoyed is Warner Bros' free-to-play platform fighting game "MultiVersus." This game has iconic characters you can play from franchises such as Scooby Doo, Steven Universe, Adventure Time, etc. It is cross-platform and multiplayer, so playing with friends is fun! You can play an innovative 2v2 match, or maybe you want to give an intense 1v1 a go.


Music is one of the best ways for someone to relieve any stress. There are so many amazing songs out there that can uplift your moods. Beyoncé recently released her seventh studio album, "RENAISSANCE," which has been one of my favorites. According to Fast Company, "The inspiration for her exploration was largely disco and house music, as well as ballroom culture, an underground scene born of Black and brown queer and trans artists in the '90s. Beyoncé dedicated Renaissance to her Uncle Johnny who passed away due to complications from HIV when she was 17 and served as her guide into this space."

Overall, this is a very fun album that is highly enjoyable and holds a lot of meaning behind it!

Going Out

We can sometimes get stuck doing homework, going to class, or going to work. It's hard to find fun places to go out and enjoy, but one place that I highly recommend is visiting the swap meet!

The swap meet is where people set up little shops and sell various inexpensive goods such as food, tools, clothing, etc. The vendors are primarily hardworking Hispanics, so I think it's great to go out and support them! There are swap meets in Orosi, Selma, Visalia, and Fresno.

(The baked potatoes, churros, esquites, and agua frescas are the best!)


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