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Why I Love Writing!

Writing is a form of human communication that can be represented in a variety of ways. This ranges from simple diary entries to advanced academic writing and so on. Writing wields so much power and has acted as a prominent method for societal improvement throughout history. For example, The Holy Bible is a written work that withholds knowledge that provides individuals with a sense of how to live their lives. It’s very fascinating to me that a book such as the bible has the ability to greatly impact people which is why I think writing is so critical. Writing allows us to really express ourselves in an overt manner more than simply speaking could possibly do. There are so many books, articles, poems, etc., that are truly empowering. Throughout history, writing has been utilized to call for change in movements such as the Civil Rights, Chicano, and feminist movements. It’s very inspiring and has definitely given me a strong appreciation for writing.

Since I was a kid, I had a preference for the English subject as opposed to math or science. I would find myself writing for enjoyment and trying to create stories, poems, and various forms of writing. In the 7th grade, I recall we had an assignment to write a creative short story and this really intrigued me. I ended up writing 10+ pages of an adventure story because of how much I enjoyed using my imagination and writing these thoughts down.

I always strive to improve my writing skills because I realize how very important a tool writing is. I love learning new words and expanding my vocabulary and being able to implement these newly learned words into my next writings. Personally, I am a very anxious individual and sometimes it's difficult for me to express myself with my voice. I find it much easier to write down my thoughts, feelings, and needs via texting, emailing, or whatever the context calls for. Writing has provided me with a way to express myself without having to deal with the feelings of anxiety that I get when I have to speak up about certain things.

Attending college has definitely helped shape my writing skills through many (MANY) essays and assignments. I always look forward to completing a writing assignment, receiving feedback, and trying to be a better writer for my next assignment. Overall, writing is of grand importance which is why I love it and you should too!

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