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Welcome to National Read a Book Day

Keep an eye out for Tuesday, September 6th, 2022!

What is National Read A Book Day?

National Read A Book Day encourages and celebrates a time for everyone to enjoy reading books. It may sound like the August 9th date of Book Lovers Day, but it is different because this day is for ALL types of readers to enjoy books. It is encouraging all readers to participate, not only book lovers.

How to Start Participating?

Take a moment to slow down and enjoy new popular books, loved favorites, or classics. This may be the perfect opportunity to start the book that inspired your favorite Netflix series or movie. Maybe pick up a book on a new hobby or interest that has been intriguing lately.

Who to Celebrate With?

Share this experience with those around you at home or in the community. That can include reading to children, grandparents, animals, friends, and more. While reading a book can be a one-person activity, including others is a great way to spark others' interest in reading and have fun.

How to Access Books Without Spending Money ?

Participating in this day does not have to be costly and can even be FREE. Borrow a book from a friend; they may have something they have been waiting to share. Take time to enjoy your local library. Please take the opportunity to sign up for a member card to enjoy the hundreds of options in their selection. Look for neighborhood mini street libraries where residents share books with everyone.

Why Participating is Good in the Long Run?

Reading and building the task as a habit can have long-term benefits for anyone. Some include strengthening the brain while increasing concentration. Reading also builds vocabulary and strengthens writing skills while increasing creativity and imagination. Reading books can also help to reduce stress and benefit sleep habits. Taking time to read a book may start with National Read a Book Day but can lead to excellent outcomes when continued beyond the day.

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