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Valentine's Day for All

Aww - Valentine’s Day, such a lovely holiday it is! Most commonly, February 14th has been exclusively celebrated among young romantic couples, but in this modern day and age we recognize that there are so many more different types of love out there. Valentine’s Day is not a holiday strictly reserved for romance; it is a day to celebrate all forms of love!

Who could forget the day love won over America?

June 26, 2015 was the day the ban on same-sex marriage was lifted in all states. This holiday is especially dear for LGBTQ+ couples who are able to be with their romantic partners without having to worry about such a ban. In our progressive society, we recognize the struggle and discrimination these couples may face and work towards defeating all unnecessary hate there is for people with different sexual orientations. Everyone should be able to share and express their love for their partners peacefully.

What about the platonic love we share with those closest to us?

Our parents who have birthed us, our guardians who have raised us, and our friends who have stuck by our side through thick and thin: these are the special people in our lives whom we celebrate with as well. Sometimes the love we share for these people could go overlooked but we must remember their selfless and kind love they have for us.

And we can’t forget about the love we share for our pets!

The love we receive from our furry friends whom we cannot even exchange words with never wavers! Though we cannot hold conversation, we understand that no matter what, they choose to love us and we choose to love them. We view them not just as pets, but as family as well.

Most importantly, we must remember the love we share for ourselves.

At times it may feel impossible to love who we are. We tend to think we could only love others or be loved by others; and when we believe we are not loved by others we deem ourselves as unworthy of love all together. Sometimes people whom we thought once loved us will walk out of our lives; sometimes people we love will pass away. Valentine’s Day is a lovely holiday for some, but for others it could be the loneliest holiday to get through. Self-love is a lifelong process. We never fully achieve it, but we are constantly learning to recognize and define what it means to us.

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