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Together we March

RWC tutor Beth Nunez provides good habits to practice during Mental Health Awareness Month.

Mental Health Awareness Month isn’t until May, but there’s no need to wait to start marching toward a happier, healthier, and more compassionate you. This March, you can start working on your mental health and wellness by taking advantage of some resources available through Reedley College’s Health and Wellness Center. While we do not have access to a dedicated psychologist at Reedley College, we do have access to the Virtual Care Group (VCG) App.

Once you download this app, you can connect with a worker to help you find providers that can offer you three free counseling/ therapy sessions, virtually or in person (in your chosen location). This is just one way to get some hard feelings out and be heard during stressful times.

The VCG app also gives you access to a 24-7 mental health warm-line to talk when you feel extra stressed.

Mental health challenges can be isolating, but you are not alone. Sometimes help is just one call away.

Last but not least, here in the RWC, we now have easy-to-access Mental Regulation Card Decks that you can use to help regulate your difficult emotions, sensory overload, or overwhelming thoughts by running through some of the exercises on the cards. You can ask one of the tutors for these at the front desk.

Finally, if you need more than just three sessions with a mental health care provider, one of the best steps is to take action and reach out for help. Call your insurance provider and ask for mental health services; they can get you on the road to the long-term help that you may need. Medical is a great resource to look into if you need low-cost services.

It may take a couple of hours on the phone or being redirected many times before you get to the needed resource, but if you don’t ask for help, you’ll never get it.

Keep marching on.

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