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The Time Vault: Time Traveling through a Digital Archive

Time magazine has been keeping Americans informed since 1923. This publication has covered the nation and world’s most notorious events week by week for almost a century. Now, they have a record of the history of more than 4,500 issues. The digital interface gives you the experience of flipping through the pages of the original magazine issue, including advertisements and pictures of the time. For more recent issues, you can access the web version of these covers. This archive will allow you to relive historical events such as the outbreak of World War II, the Civil Rights movement, and the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

Once you have clicked on your desired year or subtopic, the vault will give you three options:

1. Browse Issue: You will be able to view and flip through the pages of the magazine, just as if were a physical copy.

2. Web Version: You will be able to read digital versions of that issue’s articles.

3. Buy Cover: If you are a collector, or you simply prefer to read the printed paper, this is your best option.

Note: There are several full-text articles available for everyone, especially from more recent issues. However, some content is only available to paying subscribers.

Visit the Time Vault:

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