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Reflecting on My Experience with Poverello House

If you ever wanted to volunteer in your community and didn't know when or where to start, October 22nd would be a day to mark on your calendars! This day is dedicated to serving your community through community service.

For many, community service can often be considered a tedious class requirement. Still, in my experience, it has helped me encounter people from different cultural backgrounds who have their own unique stories.

One personal experience I had was volunteering at the Poverello House. The Poverello House is a non-profit organization that provides three meals daily, every day of the year, to those who need them most.

At the Poverello House, I was able to work with residents who were trying to improve their lives through a rehabilitation program that is offered by this non-profit. I also worked with a team of dedicated volunteers to prepare and serve meals for each person that walked in.

Not only did volunteering leave me with a rewarding feeling, but I also had the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others by serving my community. I even had the privilege to interview Zachary Darrah, the CEO of the Poverello House, and learn more about his motive to serve the city of Fresno and tackle its high numbers of homelessness.

As I interviewed Darrah, he stressed that although it is a gratifying job to see people get second chances, it can be tiresome, and he can often experience burnout.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, he mentioned that they were left with little to no help because of the restrictions. Fortunately, now that many regulations have been lifted, they welcome new volunteers excited to serve their community.

In my experience, I have recognized the importance of community involvement. It allows you to leave a life-long impact on those around you and helps you become more aware of the current issues surrounding your community.

If you would like to become more involved in your local community, below are some organizations you can sign up for and volunteer at in the Central Valley.

  • Gleanings for the Hungry

  • Poverello House

  • Boys and Girls Club of America

  • Community Youth Ministries

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