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National Get Up Day

Are you feeling down these days? We all have had our share of bad days. However, there are always a way out. Despite always falling we can always get back up. The US Figure Skating invites you to participate in the #GetUp project.

February 1st marks the five year anniversary of National Get Up Day. Skaters all have taken many falls throughout their career on the rink but also in the world. That does not stop them from getting back up and practicing. Every bump on the road should not let you stop fighting for what you believe in. Their motto includes, "Every time you stumble and find your balance you are reminded that life is slippery…Get Up!".

National Get up Day was first launched in 2017 by U.S Figure Skating in order to help skaters and non-skaters alike to recognize their strength and passion that is needed to get back up on the rink and in life. While their goal is to attract new skaters to join the sport it also encompasses a larger scope to empower and celebrate the resilience and determination a person and skater can have. It also encourages all skaters to take pride in who they are and the impact they can have on the world.

Join the Movement

How can you participate? Share your personal Get Up stories. Your stories and moments hold power to inspire those around you. Inspire others by using the #WeGetUp

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