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National Day of Unplugging

It's everywhere we go. It's in our pockets. It's on our desk. It's in our homes. Instantaneously available from the moment we wake up until the second we go to sleep. It's attached to us every second of the day. Technology is quite literally everywhere we go and it is hard to avoid. I mean, we've all been there--taking out our smartphone in public the moment things get awkward. Well, what if you got the chance to soak in the awkwardness without the instant gratification of your smartphone? That's what National Day of Unplugging is meant for!

This annual national holiday is observed on March 4th-5th and its main goal is to promote a 24-hour hiatus away from all things technology. National Day of Unplugging is established to encourage a healthy life/tech lifestyle within communities. This day is open to anyone who wants to participate and engage in human connection rather than digital. Want to be a part of the event with thousands of people worldwide but don't know what to do? Here are some ideas!

Plan A Day With Loved Ones!

Hit up your friends and family to plan a special day inside and/or outside! You can organize a picnic, play some board games, make lunch/dinner together, or sit down and have a fun conversation. There are so many things that could be done with family or friends without the use of technology! This gives us a chance to spend quality time with the people we love and make our relationships stronger. The best part about this is that it's totally up to you how you want to spend the day! :)

Do Your Favorite Things!

I know most of our favorite things include technology--but there are so many other things to fill the time! You can read a book, go out for a walk, take up on some yoga, journal, and hey--you can even nap all day if you want. Spending time with yourself is highly essential to the mind, body, and spirit it is NOT selfish at all! Think of some of your favorite things to do that don't revolve around technology, you'll end up surprising yourself with what you can discover. Maybe you'll pick up on a new hobby!

Fun Facts About National Unplugging Day

  • 77% of people own a smartphone

  • Over the course of a lifetime, the typical user spends 5 years and 3 months on social media sites.

  • Smartphone users tap or swipe their device about 2,617 times a day.

  • 3.5 billion people use social media worldwide averaging 3 hours per day viewing posts and messaging

While it's important to learn the negative impacts technology can have in our lives, it is not meant to shame your own technology use! There's nothing to be ashamed about scrolling endlessly for hours on TikTok or Twitter because everyone does it! (including myself). National Day of Unplugging is meant for us to be aware of our technology usage and how we can limit it. This day is a chance for us to see how long we can stay away from technology. Make it a challenge!

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