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Marvel Movie Recommendations

RWC tutor Jackie Zamora gives a list of movie recommendations from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Captain America: The First Avenger:

Film Summary

Captain America: The First Avenger is about Steve Rogers, who wants to join the army during World War II but keeps getting rejected. He volunteers for a special experiment that turns him into a super-soldier with enhanced strength. Now, as Captain America, he fights against Red Skull, who wants to use a powerful artifact called the Tesseract to conquer the world. Captain America leads a team to stop Red Skull and his evil plans. In the end, Captain America sacrifices himself to save the world by crashing a plane into the Arctic, where he remains frozen until he's found decades later.

My Thoughts

My favorite character is Bucky Barnes. He's not just a good or bad guy; he's a mix of

both. At first, he's Captain America's best friend, but then he gets brainwashed and becomes a dangerous assassin. Despite being brainwashed, he stays loyal to Captain America. Their friendship is a major part of the story. After breaking free from the brainwashing, Bucky feels guilty about what he's done and wants to make amends.

Iron Man:

Film Summary

Iron Man is about a wealthy inventor named Tony Stark. He gets kidnapped by terrorists who want him to make weapons for them. Instead, he builds a super suit to escape. When he returns home, he uses his suit to fight crime and save people. He improves his suit, becomes a superhero known as Iron Man, and defeats the bad guys, including one who used to work for him.

My Thoughts

Tony Stark is my favorite Marvel character. He's an intelligent billionaire inventor, but even though he's a genius, he's not perfect. He deals with problems like being too full of himself and feeling guilty about his actions. These flaws make him like a regular person.

As the movies go on, Tony changes. He starts as a selfish guy who wants to have fun but becomes a hero willing to risk everything for others. His funny comments help lighten the mood in intense situations, which makes him even more likable.

Guardians of the Galaxy:

Film Summary

This movie is about a group who teams up to stop a bad guy from destroying the universe. The main character is Peter Quill, also known as Star-Lord. He's a funny guy who loves music and has a cool spaceship. The other members of the team are Gamora, a green warrior woman; Drax, a big tough guy who wants revenge; Rocket, a talking raccoon who's good with machines; and Groot, a tree-like creature who can only say, "I am Groot." They find out they each have something the bad guy wants, so they work together to stop him. Along the way, they become friends and save the day.

My Thoughts

I like Groot in this movie. He can only say, "I am Groot," but how he says it tells a lot. Groot cares a lot about his friends, especially Rocket. He shows how much he cares by doing things for them, even if it means risking himself. Groot is also pretty funny because he acts like a kid sometimes, which adds humor to the story.

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