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Let’s Take Time to Appreciate

RWC tutor Estefani Gordillo gives ideas on how to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day.

We all have very busy lives, and for those who work, work can be truly overwhelming sometimes! This is completely understandable! So many of us get used to waking up in the morning or getting ready through the night, putting our shoes on, packing our lunch, and walking into our work environment, the same environment our coworkers and employees are found in. March 1st (Employee Appreciation Day), is the day to appreciate the dedication of each employee and this can definitely be a way to remind your coworkers how appreciated they are and what a great team each and everyone of you makes! Every one of you hard workers deserves to know that your work and commitment are an honor to have in your workplace! It is not easy to have a balance between life and work, and despite so many barriers, we still show up to work, willing to give it our all!

My Experience

As for me, being one of the newest tutors has brought me joy! I want to take the time to dedicate the appreciation I feel towards each of my coworkers. Thank you all for making me feel so welcomed! I admire how commited and dedicated each and everyone of you tutors are here in the RWC. I enjoy working with people who show leadership and are so wonderful and genuine. Every single tutor in the RWC make this community and campus such a great place to be in!

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