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Japanese Breakfast: Michelle Zauner

Japanese Breakfast is an American indie pop band led by female vocalist Michelle Zauner. The band offers a variety of songs that have sonically different sounds mixed with melancholic lyrics. Japanese Breakfast has easily become one of my favorite music bands, and I wanted to share some insight into their records as well as Michelle Zauner's memoir, Crying in H Mart. The band has three studio albums, including Psychopomp, Soft Sounds From Another Planet, and Jubilee.


Psychopomp is Japanese Breakfast's first studio album which debuted in 2015. This album is 'sonically upbeat' and heavily influenced by the passing of Zauner's mother. It is said to be a portrayal of her sexuality, grief, and heartache. My favorite track off this album is Triple 7.

Soft Sounds From Another Planet

Soft Sounds From Another Planet is Japanese Breakfast's second studio album which was released in 2017. This album is said to be inspired by the cosmos and experiments with melancholic arrangements to express these concepts. My favorite track off this album is This House.


Jubilee is Japanese Breakfast's third studio album which was released in 2021. This album is their 'fun' album that includes many different joyful elements throughout the album. It is said to be a portrayal of happiness and wanting to feel happy, which encapsulates the complexity of human emotion. My favorite track off this album is Posing For Cars.

Crying in H Mart

Crying in H Mart is Michelle Zauner's debut memoir book, which was published in 2021. This is a coming-of-age story that delves into her coming to terms with her Korean identity as well as dealing with the loss of her mother to an aggressive form of cancer. She tells her story through various aspects of family, food, grief, and love. I highly recommend reading this book as it provides insight into raw, relatable concepts and grants an intimate understanding of them. This memoir reminded me of my grandparents, who passed away and allowed me to resonate with and feel this story on a personal level.

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